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KarTrends - 10.3 inch CarPlay Pro

KarTrends - 10.3 inch CarPlay Pro

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Upgrade your older vehicle with KarTrends to transform it into a modern 2024 model!

Seamless Setup, Instant Upgrade!

Tired of complicated installations and radio removals? The KarTrends Pro is designed for simple 1-minute installation. Just plug it into your cigarette port, and you're ready to experience a transformed drive!

Upgrade Any Ride!

Transform any aging car into a smart, connected marvel with the KarTrends Pro.

Designed to seamlessly fit into vehicles featuring a cigarette port, this CarPlay solution brings modern connectivity to your classic ride.

Enjoy Your Music:

    • Audio stream via Carplay or Android Auto which provides a stable connectivity to your smartphone, Plus TF port slot supporting MP3/WAV formats, allows you to enjoy a superior music listening experience, making your rides much more enjoyable.

    Real-time Navigation:

    • You can use CarPlay or Android Auto for instant navigation which is very convenient.

    Intelligent voice control:

    • With CarPlay and Android Auto voice control, you have a built-in personal assistant focused on your driving needs. Tap into powerful artificial intelligence through simple voice commands - staying productive, entertained and connected along the way.

    Imagine seamlessly syncing your smartphone with a massive 10.3-inch touchscreen display, transforming your dash into a hub of connectivity and convenience.

    Stream Audio to Your Car Speakers

    This carplay comes with built-in speakers. You also can transfer the audio to your car's speakers for louder sound,

    • FM transmitter, enabling wireless transmission on the same channel as your car's FM radio.
    • By connecting the carplay screen and the car through the AUX cable.
    • You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to use wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on the portable car stereo. At the same time, pair your phone to the original car Bluetooth to play audio over the car speakers directly.

    Easy Installation and Fit for Various Vehicles

    • With a voltage range of 7-32V, it can accommodate various car models, including campers, RVs, trucks, vans and more.

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    Can it be used on iPhones and Androids?

    Yes! Our carplay supports both iPhones and Android devices.

    Does the audio come from the car's speakers?

    Yes! You can stream/play through all the major streaming apps right to your car's speakers.

    How do you connect it to the car's speakers?

    The display comes with an AUX cable, Bluetooth, and an FM transmitter. You can use any mode to connect it to your car speaker and enjoy music.

    Can you play YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime?

    You can mirror your phone to it to watch videos on any app.

    Do I need to make any changes to my phone before I can connect to this display?

    No. All you need is Bluetooth on your phone to connect it to our display wirelessly.

    Do I need to be a tech person to install it?

    No. Our carplay is simple to install. Even a 10-year-old can easily install.

    Do I have to remove and do major wiring?

    No! Our display doesn't require any wire removal. It is a simple stick, plug, and play device.

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